La version 13.10 de Fotoxx, logiciel open source de retouche photo et de gestion collection, vient d’être libéré apportant pas mal de nouveautés, corrections et améliorations.

Parmi les améliorations on peut noter (en anglais) :

    • Mashup images and text can be moved, resized and rotated using the mouse.
    • Trim/Crop and Rotate were combined as one function to improve workflow.
    • Rotate: click image position to add vertical and horizontal guidelines.
    • Rotate: the automatic trim option was reinstated.
    • Flatten and Expand brightness distribution were combined as one function.
    • Paint/Clone: new option to paint/erase gradually or fully in one stroke.
    • Gallery thumbnail popup menu: rotate +/-90 degrees was added.
    • Gallery [Top] button: new option to choose from named collections.
    • World map zoom: toggle full-size/fit-window without intermediate steps.
    • Slide Show: allow pause and resume at a selected image position.
    • Slide Show: an image with the tag ‘pause’ will beep and pause until resumed.
    • View Metadata: option to show only captions and comments (e.g. for slide show).
    • Making a named collection from search results (or any gallery) was simplified.
    • CMYK function: the user interface was simplified.
    • Warp Linear/Curved/Affine are using multiple threads for faster response.
    • Bugfix: clickable tabular reports would not scroll with the mouse wheel.
    • Bugfix: the interactive translation update function was broken.

      Installation de Fotoxx 13.10 sur Ubuntu 12.04 / 12.10 / 13.04 / 13.10

      Le package est disponible seulement sur le site du projet :

      Installation des dépendances :

      sudo apt-get install libtiff4 dcraw ufraw

      Téléchargement du package version 32 bits :


      Téléchargement du package version 64 bits :


      Installation du package :

      sudo dpkg -i fotox-13.10-*.deb